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Night Risers is the international collective that is building momentum on the Nuit Debout movement that originated in France on February 23, 2016. Nuit Debout, or also referred to as  “night on our feet”, “up all night” “standing night” “rise up at night”, got its first international prominence on March 31, 2016 when the Place de la République in Paris, France was occupied by protesters who opposed the new labor reforms known in France as the “Loi Travail,” or the “El Khomri Law”.

An increasing number of protesters from various corners of France with their own programs and ideals have ever since continuously been occupying the Place de la République even after police cleared the area.

In the following days and weeks other cities in France and in other countries picked up the new waves of protest vibes unleashed by Nuit Debout and, in solidarity, have been organizing protests locally too.

Fortunately people around the world feel that now the time is right to get to the streets and demand change from and within their governments.

People demand an end to corruption and corporate imperialism, institutionalized lies and extortion, oppression, illegal wars domestically on the citizens themselves and abroad on peaceful populations.

Join the Night Risers, join Nuit Debout!

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