Paris Protests: Payed Provocateurs Recognized While Setting Car on Fire

April 23, 2016 – Night Risers

About 7 hours ago one of Night Risers’ volunteers in Paris reported, and now confirmed, to have recognized the individuals who tried to disrupt and co-opt a small crowd that was hanging out around the Republique metro station in Paris. While throwing glass bottles at the police the provocateurs set a parked car on fire just meters away from the metro station exit.

Our volunteer, who cannot be named, has confirmed that she recognized at least two of the operatives who she claims “show up all the time” at protests and sit-ins in France and elsewhere to discredit organizers and their movements. In this case Nuit Debout or Night Up.

She claims that the individuals belong to a group of payed operatives who aren’t part of any specific political movement. They are a loose outfit that answers to an unknown source and puppeteer(s) and whose calling card is violence and destruction. She says that she and others have seen the same individuals before at other locations and events mingling with marxist, anarchist, nationalist and anti immigration protestors and even in student unions that are directly linked to the European Students’ Union (ESU).