The Independent (UK): Nuit Debout is “Losing Intellectual Steam”

April 22, 2016 – Night Risers

In a recent article published by the London-based news outlet The Independent journalist John Lichfield tries to describe to his mainstream audience why exactly it is that the Nuit Debout movement is “losing intellectual steam.

According to Lichfield Nuit Debout is losing intellectual ground due to the fact that there are “no leaders and no demands.” Nuit Debout also “remains dominated by the sect-like, intolerant, hard left,” he continues. And “it will remain part of the problem rather than part of the solution.”

First of all, why exactly it is that there should be “leaders” remains unclear. For seasoned activists of course it is obvious that “leaders” tend to go home with the marbles while backstabbing the masses that made them “the leaders” to begin with, hence the revolt against the French government and Hollande.

Second, the claim by Lichfield that Nuit Debout has no demands and that it is losing intellectual steam is entirely untrue and is easily refuted. Such pointless waffling hardly demands a response but for this occasion we’ll make an exception. Let us enlighten Lichfield and the few courageous souls that wander among the Independent’s readership.

A change has to be made, a real profound change. The ranks of politics, especially in the ‘civilized’ west and the ‘democratic’ EU have to be cleansed from evil, from corruption, from lies, from deception, from institutionalized extortion and brigandage. This can not be acquired by simply asking the current government leaders to step down and to, please, never come back. Anyone knows that within 24 hours the places are retaken by the same parties and their minions. A continuation of what has been going on for the last 200+ years.

Aside from governments that need to be cleansed from parasites and sectarian maniacs who can always rely on old bankers’ wealth if they are willing to sell their souls (which they always are), royal families – who basically still own the lands they rule over – have to be dethroned and must have their wealth seized by the people, preferably by angry mobs who’re sick and tired of being oppressed, abused and enslaved.

Questions have to be answered by the allegedly so responsible and professional politicians, technocrats and apparatchiks.

Questions like:

  • How can it be that the Bilderberg group has been planning the rise of a European superstate tyranny 40+ years ago while no one ever learned anything about this secretive outfit at school?
  • How can it be that the EU illegally murdered Muammar Gaddafi when its member states bombed the sh#t out of the non-hostile Libyan people?
  • How can it be that the European governments play the game of 9/11 deceptions while at the same time allowing false flag attacks on their own territories perpetrated by domestic and foreign double agents, spies and patsies?
  • How can it be that financial transactions by the working class are targeted for investigation while at the same time European governments pay billions of euros annually to the EU without having a clear overview of what that money is really been used for?
  • How can it be that citizens are deemed potential terrorists for expressing their opinions on the streets while at the same time NATO and the EU are exterminating African and Middle Eastern cultures willingly and under protection of diplomatic immunity?
  • How can it be that the United Nations lied to the entire world when they falsely claimed that the world was in the middle of an ebola crisis, while months later it was basically admitted that there never really was a crisis, only overreaction?
  • How can it be that UN “peacekeepers” rape and traffic children while never getting punished for it?
  • How can it be that questioning Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and its tyrannical policies towards the Palestinian people is deemed antisemitic?
  • How can it be that we speak of a financial crisis while in fact it is an epic legalized holdup? A fact basically admitted by Goldman Sachs when they confirmed that indeed they have defrauded investors willingly.

Whether Nuit Debout will eventually turn out to be a left, right or any other -ism remains to be seen. But one thing is sure, if we’re not willing to work together as movements and organizations opposed to the corporate and sectarian madness then we might as well quit right here right now.

Who cares if Nuit Debout, or any other anticipated revolution for that matter, is red, blue or orange if it’s truly and only grassroots? When the drone bombing and invasions in Africa and the Middle East stop the people there will be happy and thankful and they will not ask us for the color of our true grassroots revolution that is responsible for ending hellish times.