Night Risers? Here’s What’s it About.

April 22, 2016 – Night Risers

In response to several questions by apparently confused folks, who are still getting used to the Night Risers their presence on the protest scenes, we at Night Risers have this to say…

It is not everyday that crowds can be gathered for common causes, en masse, for consecutive days and weeks, as Nuit Debout has been doing. This only happens every so many years (e.g. Occupy). So, whenever such events occur it is of great importance that people grab the opportunity with both hands.

All Night Risers are seasoned activists and we don’t pursue any specific color agendas. All we want is to let the perpetrators, who have taken society hostage for at least 100 years, pay for what they have done and continue to do and plan to do, and the latter is likely the worst part of THEIR agenda.

Now that people in France have decided to kick off new waves of international protests we see the time right to pick up the trend and to build and funnel the momentum.

Every protest and revolution has a color, they say, and from where we are participating and mainly observing and analyzing mixed emotions and reactions continue to be sent into the world.

True, communists, socialists and marxists tend to occupy the bigger part of the agenda-setting – for now – in relation to Nuit Debout, at least that’s the signals that the world is receiving and if the organizers of Nuit Debout feel that that is the wrong signal then now is the time to make things clear.

Having said that, at this stage we don’t really care, frankly, who is creating the wave we can ride on. We intend to ride it as good, as far and as long as we possibly can.

It is important that people as early as possible inject their ideas into these waves of protest, which not too often come along. It is equally important to have a healthy varied set of demands and programs when it comes to the organizations and individuals who participate in such protests, currently under the banner of Nuit Debout.

From another perspective, it is also true that popular movements and protests get hijacked, this is standard procedure for those who want to remain in control of the money strings.

Also for this reason Night Risers was created, to observe and analyze, to report and expose when provocateurs and payed agents have been let loose in the midst of popular movements, in this case Nuit Debout, as they try to sabotage any substantial potential and progress.

Lastly, the reason why Night Risers was also established is to bring balance…

Rumor has it that Nuit Debout is too vague in its demands, well, in a previous article Night Risers has made sure that the right kind of questions are being asked, that no one loses sight of things or the courage to be extreme enough in the demands that need to be put forward.

Rumor also has it that there are no leaders at Nuit Debout and if indeed that is truly the case then this should be applauded. It is therefore that the Night Risers need to be present on the new protest scenes, to make sure no one succeeds in their mission of co-opting Nuit Debout, to take the movement hostage in order to derail it. And the vultures are already circling the events, it’s what they do. It’s how they operate and exist.

If all of us really want to start on a new page in society then we’re going to have to drop the labels and political and religious constructions and borders. If even for only one day it requires that a capitalist works side by side with a marxist then so be it. Let go of your indoctrinated restrictions, think, operate and live outside the box.