“Global Aspirations” Means Stronger Demands by Nuit Debout, Night Risers

April 21, 2016 – Night Risers

In Paris at Nuit Debout, in France, the votes are unanimous, the movement and idea should go global and beyond May 15.

Night Risers couldn’t agree more with that but to really force meaningful changes it is going to require much stronger demands than those that are now on the table.

For instance, when we are not going to change the way most people perceive the mainstream press as a whole, who’s basically a propaganda apparatus of any given government and its secretive puppeteers, then most folks will keep on tuning in to their TV and radio and keep on relying on their news papers to get “informed” and to stay up to date about the alleged state of affairs in the world.

It is a proven and well-documented fact that the establishment press has been whitewashing one lie after an other when it comes to the fraudulent war on muslim terror, man made climate change, hoax mass shootings and fantasized (suicide) bombings. It is a given fact that the “attacks” in Paris and Brussels, along with those on 7/7 in the UK and those on 9/11 in the USA have occurred with key elements and actors within the respective governments  their full foreknowledge (and that’s a very polite way to put it) and it is still waiting for any mainstream press outlet to bring this obvious fact to light.

We’ve had enough of the false flag attacks and that’s one of the issues that needs to be addressed not just in Paris on May 15 but everywhere in the world and all the time.

In another case, Japan’s 3/11 (2011), we are still stuck with the UN and the USGS their deceitful accounts of what supposedly happened back then, all the while the information pointing out the truth and facts is widely available to those who want to know what really happened in Fukushima and especially in Miyagi.

And the list goes on and on.

Why should we stop at demanding mere change from governments when what we actually really need is for all of them to step down collectively and immediately and cleanse the ranks from the evil that has infested all government institutions for decades if not centuries.

Let us name the names of the REAL puppeteers, the ones the media willingly ignores out of fear for being called whatever it is that is currently thrown in the faces of activists and defenders of truth, however it is at this moment that rebels are being smeared and blackmailed.

Night Risers Up!